This month’s Head to Toe campaign encourages you to take care of your mental health, which in turn affects your physical body. FLYCYCLE is partnering with The Spa at Mandarin Oriental on the 23rd July at 10:45AM where you can enjoy a 5 minute neck and shoulder massage after a FLYRIDE, and receive some goodies from the spa, where you can treat yourself after a long week. (worth it!)

Theresa is all about chill and relaxing, keep reading to learn how she unwinds after a stressful day, and perhaps you can do the same!


Q: What are your favourite ways of relaxing and destressing?

A: My routine after a stressful day at work includes a warm essential oil infused bath and a lit candle – I swear by the power of aromatherapy. These products contain pure essentials oils made of herbs, plants and flowers. Depending on what my problem is, I use different oils; if I feel that my immune system is down, I use Support Breathe, if I am struggling with a running mind and have trouble falling asleep, I use De-Stress Mind. When I need an energy boost, I use Revive Morning.

I also believe in the power of disconnecting digitally to release pressure and the stress that comes from the permanent connectivity that we face, be it on social media or via whatsapp. I take a break from social media for a few hours or even work messages to allow my mind to relax. I think it’s really important to be able to control your usage of digital devices and I feel a sense of achievement and contemplation after my “digital detoxes”.

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Q: Since you manage the spa centre at the Mandarin Oriental, what are the benefits from receiving a massage?  

A: Most people would agree that a massage makes them feel good and know it is relaxing. However, what many probably don’t realise is how good a regular massage is for their overall health.

Massages can actually improve your daily performance, aid recovery, prevent and eliminate injuries, reduce stress and even enhance metabolism and circulation! I could go on and on with listing its physical and emotional benefits – particularly if it is done regularly, say one massage every 2-4 weeks. For everyone working out at FLYCYCLE or elsewhere, a good massage plays an important role in your exercise routine. Unfortunately, many people believe aches and pains are an inevitable consequence to activity, not knowing that massage can actually reduce or eliminate what may appear to be exercise-induced pain.


Q: How helpful do you think FLYCYCLE is to your unwinding routine?

A: FLYCYCLE is another equally important element to de-stressing. The darkness of the room, the beat of the music, the amazing energy that you get back from your riders and the love, spirit and positivity that you feel after a class make me forget all the stresses that I may have encountered throughout the day. I cannot imagine my life without it anymore! Outside of FLY, I treasure spending a day outdoors, hiking in one of the nearby “Bukits” or other exercises like Yoga, Cross-fit or Barre.

Q: What do you think are factors that increase stress?

A: Stress is a mind-game. I feel that proneness to stress depends a lot on individual personality and it may come in different forms and ways. Stress can come from the inside (yourself) or the outside (others). The key thing to remember is that whilst a little bit of stress from time to time is normal, if you feel stressed for a long period of time (chronic stress), it can lead to serious health problems including depression and heart disease.

I believe that there is 3 key stress triggers: work, social pressures and life stresses. In my opinion, most of the social stress comes from exposure to the life of other people via social media. Lastly, life stresses usually go a little bit deeper and may come from pressures from financial obligations, loss of a loved ones or life-changing events.


If you try out any of her tips, or have any of your own, leave them down below in the comments section! Check out the Mandarin Oriental Spa here,  and book the Spin n’ Spa ride it’s definitely not one to miss.

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