Rachel’s Farewell Q&A

Rachel’s Farewell Q&A

Before Rachel leaves the #FLYFAM this August, we wanted her words of wisdom on motivation and achieving your fitness goals. Rachel is flying from the nest, and we wish her all the best with her studies in Toronto, and of course hope she comes back to visit FLYCYCLE when she can! Rachel’s last classes are on 2/08 (Wed) 6:00PM and 6/08 (Sun) 10:45AM.

Continue reading if you want to know more about Rachel’s past as a figure skater, and how she motivated herself through years of competitions.

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Q: From your past experience figure skating, how did you feel about doing something competitively for so long?

A: I have been figure skating for 15 years, but competitively for about 13 years. At times it felt really lonely because it is so competitive and everyone wanted the national title/spot. So much blood, sweat, tears and medals (haha) have been poured into my competitive career that I don’t ever regret the times when i had to wake up at 4AM to be on the ice by 6AM.


Q: Did your goals change? Has your motivation and passion evolved to another sport?

A: Not going to lie, I have felt demotivated along the way in my 15 year-long journey, but I had a great team of coaches and a support system that helped get through tough times during my injuries and my lowest moments. My goal was to always be better than I was yesterday, and that hasn’t changed.


Q: What are the differences between being in an individual, competitive sport and now part of this FLYCYCLE community?

A: As a figure skater competing in the single events gets lonely because you’re on your own and this is my journey, not anyone else. That’s why I love Flycycle because we are all one team, we are moving together, riding together and working towards to achieve our better self and no one is left behind in the process.


Q: What were your best moments in Flycycle? Toughest moments?

A: My best moments at Flycycle are when everyone is having fun and screaming along with me. I always say to my riders “as long as you’re having fun, my job here is done”. I love it when my riders and I have a special moment because I’ve seen them at their weakest and is currently witnessing a change in them as they ride along with me. They are making a change in their fitness journey along with me, together we are one Flyarmy. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them.

My toughest moment in Flycycle? Maybe when I was auditioning for Flycycle, and I was 17. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be taken seriously and I was also unsure if I could actually command a crowd. Now it’s all in the past because when I get up on stage, I take charge.


It’s always sad to bid farewell to a member of the team, and she will be missed by both the FLYCYCLE Team as well as all her riders. Her energy and encouragement will always be remembered by us and keep the motivation to keep on riding. Don’t forget to say goodbye in one of her final classes!

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