L’Oréal Products @ FLYCYCLE

L’Oréal Products @ FLYCYCLE

Forgot to bring your facewash? No worries, we have all the skincare you need!

These skincare and haircare products are for you, provided by our lovely sponsors, the L’Oréal team. You can find them in our bathrooms— it makes things quick and convenient for you to freshen up for after a sweaty sesh! They’re perfect for getting ready as we also provide towels for all you riders.


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Elseve Extraordinary Oil

  • A high shine hair oil for before you blowdry

Micellar Water

  • Removes makeup, dirt and impurities
  • Hydrates and soothes, suitable for normal to dry, and sensitive skin

Hydrafresh Spa Water

  • Hydrating serum for before you moisturise

Hydrafresh Anti-Ox

  • Grapeseed hydrating mask-in water gel
  • Use as a lightweight moisturiser, containing hyaluronic acid that attracts moisture to your skin

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Hydrafresh Genius

  • Lightweight mask that you can leave on your skin for extra moisture
  • Contains jojoba oil, vitamins and minerals that will soften skin

Elseve Fall Resist Shampoo

Hydrafresh Creamy Foam

  • Hydrating, refreshing face wash


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Men Expert Hydra Energetic Creatine-Taurine Serum

  • Ultra lightweight serum which detoxifies and brightens skin

Men Expert Hydra power Water Power Serum

  • Intensive hydration serum which will shield skin from pollution and prevents moisture loss

UV perfect Super Aqua Essence

  • Lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen, so that skin is protected against wrinkles and pigmentation spots
  • SPF50 with 12 hour UV shield

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