Jenny is a loyal and dedicated member of the FLYcommunity, and she has been generous enough to give us an insight to her fitness journey with FLYCYCLE (as well as giving the FLYCREW sneaky treats way too often). Keep reading down below if you want to know how FLYCYCLE has become an integrated part of her life!


Q: How has FLYCYCLE become a part of your fitness journey?

A: Before Flycycle, I started my fitness journey by walking in the park; it was the one simple thing that I could do. My friend asked if I would like to try out Flycycle. I was 80% curious and 20% nervous at my very first ride, and what I remember clearly was dying/trying to catch my breath during the very 1st song at the beginner class. Yet I enjoyed the rhythm and unique dance-like moves. I was hooked, and it has been a total change in my life.

jen 5 jen 3

Q: What changes have u noticed both physically and mentally since starting FLYCYCLE?

A: Physically, I’ve lost weight (but that’s actually a bonus point). Mentally, I go to each class 110% READY, and by the end of the ride when I’ve just survived, I feel like I gained 200% of superhuman power.

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Q: What other lifestyle changes have you incorporated?

A: I changed my lifestyle from unhealthy living to becoming a better JENNY! Now, I work out at least 30 minutes a day, and there’s no harm in trying new, different workouts! (Pssst, I do eat fast food once in a while too!)


If you want to see more of our riders and the FLYcommunity, let us know down below in the comments section! Sharing a personal fitness journey is motivational for us all, if you want to share your fitness journey with FLYCYCLE online, don’t forget to tag us and #flycycle.

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