Get Ready for Class with Sandra

Get Ready for Class with Sandra

Everyone wants to know Sandra’s secret to still looking good even after a FLYRIDE. It’s hot, and you’ll (most likely) sweat your face off. Other than her love of food, she also knows how to stay looking fresh and ready to go. To quote Sandra, “The secret to looking good all the time is good skin! Eat well, sleep well, stay hydrated ✌.” Continue reading if you want to discover Sandra’s secrets!


Q: How do you stay looking flawless even after class?

A: I don’t wear foundation- if I do, it’s the Laneige BB cushion. I’m a firm believer of taking care of your insides to make it reflect on the outside. I drink a lot of water to keep skin hydrated, try to get enough sleep, and eat tonnes of fibre. I have a skincare routine that works for me- Thayers cucumber toner, and I’m big on moisturising with the Hada Labo high moisture lotion, plus I love 100% aloe vera gel, and Aesop’s fabulous face oil. I also invest in good SPF to wear throughout the day even if I’m not spending a lot of time outdoors. Once a week I’ll do a clay face mask, and AHA and BHA acids to keep my pores clear.


Q: What does your makeup routine consist of?

A: I don’t wear much makeup besides eyebrows and mascara. When I do, it’s a mattifying moisturiser, and primer on eyelids for when I wear eyeliner. I love a good bronzer and highlighter for contouring- my fave is Nars Orgasm as highlighter (even though it’s technically a blush).


Q: What else do you do to prepare for class?

A: I might have a banana, a lemongrass tea and on a good day I let myself have some TimTams. 10 mins before my class I have a little dance party (on my own) to get in the zone.

Q: Favourite skincare brands?

A: I would say Aesop, Kiehl’s and Hada Labo, since they feature quite a lot in my skincare routine. I don’t believe in high end skincare, because as long as you keep the ingredients basic and the products are of good quality then you’re good to go!


If you loved hearing Sandra’s routine for getting ready, give her tips a try. Your own recommendations for making makeup stay intact through a FLYRIDE are always welcome, leave a comment down below.

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