From the Dance Floor to the Bike with Steph

From the Dance Floor to the Bike with Steph

A dancing queen, Steph is a certified Zumba instructor and teaches all the way from ballet to tap for kids. Hence, understandably, her classes are dance heavy and her life is full of activity! Each instructor has a different style in terms of music, moves, and motivation. Steph’s FLYRHYTHM classes will challenge you to keep up the pace and move that body like never before. Keep reading if you want to know a bit more about FLYRHYTHM, her inspiration, and how she can stay so active.

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Q: How do you incorporate dance choreography into your routines? Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: I usually plan the dance moves while imagining myself on the bike- like sitting on a chair and just pressing/pushing on the table. After that, I’ll come to the studio earlier before class to test out the moves and make changes if the choreography doesn’t work. I get my inspiration from a lot of sources, like other rhythmic cycling videos to get some ideas, and then tweak them into dance-versions that are not only just dancey, but also functional that targets specific muscles. I think my most iconic dance routine so far is the Whip and Nene, because the whole routine was based on the song itself. I even did the Superman on the bike!


Q: What are the differences between FLYRHYTHM moves and FLYRIDE moves?

A: What makes FLYRHYTHM different from a normal FLYRIDE is that FLYRHYTHM requires a lot of hand-eye coordination as the moves are switched or added on based on the music’s rhythm. I’d like to call it the “Zumba Formula” style, as the choreography is based on a gradual build-up in each song. The routine starts off easy, and then the intensity increases as it goes on. I always tell my fellow flyriders that FLYRHYTHM doesn’t only challenges one’s body, it also challenges the mind because just like dance, one needs to remember their beginner and advanced moves in order to be able to switch with just a 1-second cue.

But as I say in every class, the most important thing is that everyone has fun and enjoy the workout at their own pace. Little progress is better none because FLYRHYTHM requires time and patience to master the hand-eye coordination aspect. It brings me joy when my flyriders tell me or show improvement each week, and when that “orchestra” moment happens (when everyone is in sync to the song), I truly feel a sense of pride for them.


Q: How do you maintain doing so much exercise all of the time?

A: Haha… I get asked about this all the time! Well, I take natural supplements to make sure that my body has all the nutrients it needs. I also make sure that I eat regularly (food is the most important source of energy!), and drink tons of water (I avoid cold/iced foods and drinks as these can cause my muscles to injure more). Besides that, I always, always make sure to massage and soothe my body with medicated oils before I go to bed so that my muscles can recover in time for the next day.


If you loved this article and want to know more about each instructor, feel free to leave a comment down below with any requests! Try out a FLYRHYTHM today, here.



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