FLYRHYTHM— Find Your Rhythm

FLYRHYTHM— Find Your Rhythm

This August, we are introducing FLYRHYTHM – an experience curated for you to work on coordination, stamina, and movement. These rides will be led by Theresa, Lye, and Steph. Check out our Instagram and our FLYRHYTHM video.IMG_9494 copy


Riding begins with simple steps— jogging, and with this foundation we can build upon each move- pushes, presses, pulses, sprints, sexy 8s and Fly-Vs. Each movement on the bike is a dance move- whether it be tapping back or doing a series of presses to the beat. Each movement complements and supports the upcoming move. Cycling and dance are a natural fit, as music gives rhythm to your entire body.

FLYRHYTHM highlights your self-awareness and how naturally the movements come seamlessly to your body. Being completely in sync with the instructor and other riders brings on a high feeling of euphoria that only comes with the satisfaction of executing each combo perfectly. You have to think about your movements until it seems to come to you without thought — which leg am I on? Is it a push or press first?

Although seemingly simple, rhythmic cycling is not an instant skill. You need patience and perseverance to develop the stamina for instantly picking up choreography to match the instructor. When you finally achieve and complete an entire song, you can be triumphant of the journey you have taken to get you to this point.





In order to fully immerse yourself in the class and experience, you don’t want to be distracted by an uncomfortably high seat, or handlebars too far forward. Come for class early and set up your bike. Remember that if you need any assistance, a member of staff is always happy to help.


FLYRHYTHM requires focus and anticipation. Watch the instructor begin a new set of moves and you will pick it up almost seamlessly.


Every FLYCYCLE class is planned with an intention; each instructor drives a different sense of purpose and emotion to their classes. Let their playlist and movements take you on a ride of physical and emotional highs as well as lows. Listen to the music and your legs will follow the beat.


Find your rhythm this month and let us know down below in the comments what you think! Dance your heart out while you pedal on the bike, and let the beat keep you movin’ and groovin’.

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