This July, we’re emphasising the importance of wellness from Head to Toe. This includes skincare, haircare, and beauty; which is why FLYCYCLE has partnered with Handmade Heroes MY to bring you that extra skin and bodycare boost. Handmade Heroes products are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty free as well.

Bella is known for her love of beauty, fashion, and travel, so who better to ask about their skincare than her? We’re breaking it down from the products she uses, and how she gets ready in the morning.


Q: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

A: Usually check my phone, Instagram and respond to any messages. I’ll have a glass of water to wake myself up a bit.


Q: Breakfast before or after getting ready?

A: Breakfast before, since I’m pretty hungry when I wake up. It gives me time to feel re-energised for the day ahead. Also, I like taking my time to get ready, and that can take a while. *laughs*


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Q: Walk me through your beauty routine for the morning.

A: Of course I brush my teeth, then if my lips are extra chapped I’ll scrub them with some lip scrub to get rid of the dead skin. If I have time and I want my skin extra perky, I’ll put on the Handmade Heroes Vitamin C face mask, since it just brightens my skin so much. I wash my face with Clinique’s foaming cleanser, moisturise with their moisturizing lotion and put on the French Rose lip-tint from Handmade Heroes as well. After sleeping my hair can look a little flat and greasy, so I use some dry shampoo instead of washing my hair again. Then it’s time for some makeup just to make me look more alive!

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If you loved the sneak-peek into Bella’s morning routine, leave below in the comments what topic you want to be covered in another article! Don’t forget that you can find their products in our studio, and if you try out any Handmade Heroes products, tag us and @handmadeheroesmy #FLYCYCLE #FLYSCOOP

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